Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Everyone Should Start Taking Chlorophyll

My Mom has always told me to take Chlorophyll she is always saying how good it is for your body. I take 1 tablespoon in a glass of water in the morning and at bed time.

What Is Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green pigment, or blood, found in most plants. The energy from the sun is converted into chemical energy by Chlorophyll through photosynthesis and this chemical energy is then stored in plants as carbohydrates. Chlorophyll changes water and carbon dioxide from the air into sugar, all the while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The plant is then able to produce the vitamins, fats, proteins and starches that it needs to absorb minerals from the earth. When animals and humans eat the plants they in turn absorb these vitamins and minerals and the energy from the sun has become a part of the food chain.

Green Blood

Chlorophyll is sometimes called green blood. This is because of its similarity in make-up to human blood and its high oxygen content. The chlorophyll molecule bears a striking resemblance to hemoglobin the red pigment in our blood. A single chlorophyll atom of magnesium is surrounded by a web of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. The red blood pigment of hemoglobin consists of the same web of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, but they surround a single atom of iron . So, to be clear, Chlorophyll has a single atom of magnesium, while hemoglobin has a single atom of iron, otherwise, they are the same..

Liquid Chlorophyll is miraculous. It has SO MANY health benefits it makes it a true wonder-food. It is great for pregnancy, nursing, great for kids. It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our well being almost instantly. Drinking Liquid Chlorophyll does increase the quality AND quantity of your red blood cells.

Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems. Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increase oxygen utilization by the body. Liquid Chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs. It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones for elimination, which are created by the body for the purpose of neutralizing and disposing of excess acid.

Other Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits

So in addition to helping to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, Liquid Chlorophyll, being highly alkaline, also gives the body the following benefits:
  • Anti Carcinogenic: Chlorophyll protects against a whole host of carcinogens found in fungus-laden foods such as nuts and grains, the toxins from cooked meats, and air-borne carcinogens (from pollution). It blocks the metabolism in the body of harmful chemicals known as procarcinogens that damage DNA. Studies published in the journals Carcinogenesis and Food and Chemical Toxicology clearly display that Chlorophyll inhibits carcinogenesis.
  • Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory: containing high levels of the vitamins A, C and E, Liquid Chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity and has also been found to help reduce inflammation.
  • Chelation of Heavy Metals: Chlorophyll is one of the most important chelates in nature. It’s ability to bind to and remove toxic heavy metals such as mercury makes it an extremely powerful healer. 
  • Antiseptic: while Liquid Chlorophyll doesn’t actually have antiseptic properties of its own, it, quite remarkably, DOES have the ability to aid our body’s tissue in destroying germs. By strengthening tissue, it increases the disease resistance of cells and, at the same time, prevents the growth of bacteria!
  • Treats Bad Breath: This one is a real bonus and really works! Chlorophyll has a double-action remedy for bad breath. Firstly, as a deodoriser, it will eliminate odours in the mouth and throat, but secondly (and more importantly) it promotes a healthy digestive tract – which is the primary reason for bad breath. 
  • Rapid Delivery of Magnesium: this has a highly alkalizing effect on the body and helps to deliver much needed oxygen to cells and tissues.
  • Contains vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein: which are all also essential in building and repairing red blood cells and boosting our immune system.

Have you tried liquid chlorophyll supplement before?
What has been your experience?
If you haven’t, give it a try and let me know what you think!

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