Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Benefits and Uses Of On Guard

DoTERRA's On Guard Essential Oil is one I  can not be without. I go through On Guard pretty fast in my home. I use it topically, in the diffuser and as a tea the cough drops are great to have too. On Guard is really tasty and it makes your whole house smell so good its like fall time and it purifies the air! My two older kids love On Guard when they are sick. They really look forward to a cup of warm tea and On Guard cough drops throughout the day. Its a special treat for them. I also put a few drops in a roll-on with a drop of Frankincense and Fractionated coconut oil so its ready to go and all I have to do is roll it on mine or the kids feet, neck, and throat. It helps shorten the duration of any sickness going around and purifies the air it really is a must have.

DoTERRA Essential Oils Available *CLICK HERE*

The oils in this blend have been studied for their strong abilities to kill harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses. This blend can be diffused into the air applied topically, made as tea, or be used to clean and purify household surfaces.

Single Oils contained In This Blend:

Wild Orange:

Is antibacterial, antifungal, antidepressant and antiseptic. it is a powerful disinfectant and very effective against colds and flu.

Clove Bud: 

Is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, antiparasitic,  a strong antiseptic, antiviral and an immune stimulant. It may influence healing and help create a feeling of protection and courage.

Cinnamon Bark: 

Has very specific purposes:

  1. It is a powerful purifier
  2. It is a powerful oxygenator 
  3. It enhances the action and the activity of other oils. 
It may have a stimulation and toning effect on the whole body and particularly on the circulatory system. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectous, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, immune stimulant, sexual stimulant, and warming.

Eucalyptus radiata:

May have a profound antiviral effect upon the respiratory system. It also has strong antibacterial, anticatarrhal, and antiseptic  properties.


May help balance heart function, energize the solar plexus, and reduce mental fatigue. It may improve circulation and help stimulate the nerves. It is antiseptic and anti-infectious.

Body System(s) Affected: 

The oils in this blend may help it be effective for dealing with various problems related to the Immune System.

Aromatic Influence: 

Diffuse this blend of oils periodically for 20-25 minutes at a time to help protect the body against the onset of flu, colds and viruses.


Massage throat, stomach, intestines, back of neck and bottoms of feet. Dilute one drop in 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil: massage the thymus to stimulate the immune system, and massage under the arms to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is best applied to the bottoms of the feet, as it may be caustic to the skin always test a small area of the skin first. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil when used on sensitive/young skin.

Safety Data: 

 Modern Essentials Available  *HERE*
Repeated use can result in contact sensitization. Can cause skin irritation. Use with caution during pregnancy.

I get my information from Modern Essentials.

Monday, January 28, 2013

When In Doubt Use Frankincense

Aromatic, Topical, Internal,
Neat (no dilution)
 Oh I love Frankincense!! It is so wonderful! I pretty much use 1 drop of DoTERRA's Frankincense in every blend I make. It enhances all oils which is exactly what I want. I use it on my face everyday because it is great for wrinkles. After I had my 2nd baby Tristan I became very depressed and then got pregnant again soon after with my 3rd baby Layla and became even more depressed I was having a really hard time mentally. So I started putting 1 drop of Frankincense, 1 drop Lavender and 1 drop Ylang Ylang on my heart everyday and I kid you not, not even 2 weeks later I was completely fine! Better than fine! Things that I had held on to for years felt like they just melted away. I no longer had a heavy heart I became so happy and fulfilled. Even now I just love life, love everyone and I am happier than I have ever been in my Whole life. If you are to get any Essential Oil get Frankincense but get DoTERRA's Frankincense. DoTERRA has the highest quality Essential Oils out there and it makes a BIG difference. Spend the extra money you wont regret it. You can get Frankincense *HERE*. And if you want a 25% discount leave me a message or email me and I tell you how. 

Here are some other benefits of Frankincense. I get my information from Modern Essentials it explains all DoTERRA's products and many disorders and conditions. You definitely want this book. If you would like this book *CLICK HERE*


Anticatarrhal, anticancer, antidepressant, anti-infecious, anti-inflammmatory, antiseptic, antitumor, expectorant, immune stimulant, and sedative.

Common Primary Uses:

Alzheimer's Disease, Aneurysm, Arthritis, Asthma, Balance, Brain (Aging), Brain Injury, Breathing, Cancer, Coma, Concussion, Confusion, Coughs, Depression, Fibroids, Genital Warts, Hepatitis, Immune System Support, Improve Vision, Infected Wounds, Inflammation, Liver Cirrhosis, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Memory, Mental Fatigue, Miscarriage (After), Moles, MRSA, Multiple Sclerosis, Nasal Polyp, Parkinson's Disease, Plague, Postpartum Depression, Scarring (Prevention), Seizures, Tumor (Lipoma), Ulcers, Uterus Tissue Regeneration, Virus of Nerves, Warts, Wrinkles.

Historical Uses: 

Frankincense is a holy oil in the Middle East. As and ingredient in the holy incense, it was used anciently during sacrificial ceremonies to help improve communication with the creator.

French Medicinal Uses:

Asthma, depression ulcers.

Other Possible Uses:

This oil may help with aging, allergies, bites (insect and snake) bronchitis, carbuncles, catarrh, colds, diarrhea, diphtheria, gonorrhea, headaches, healing, hemorrhaging, herpes, high blood pressure, jaundice, laryngitis, meningitis, nervous conditions, prostate problems, pneumonia, respiratory problems, sciatic pain, sores, spiritual awareness, staph, strep, stress, syphilis, T.B, tension, tonsillitis, typhoid, and wounds. It contains sesquiterpenes, enabling it to go beyond the blood-brain barrier. It may also help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands. It increases the activity of leukocytes, defending the body against infection. Frankincense may also help a person have a better attitude, which may help to strengthen the immune system.

Body System(s) Affected: 

This oil helps to focus energy, minimize distractions, and improve concentration. It eases hyperactivity, impatience, irritability, and restlessness and can help enhance spiritual awareness and meditation.


Can be applied neat (with no dilution), when used topically. Apply to reflex points and/or directly on area of concern; diffuse.

Oral Use As Dietary Supplement: 
Approved by the FDA for use as a Food Additive and Flavoring Agent. Put one drop under tongue and sallow everyday.


I recently did a Post about DoTERRA Essential Oil Cinnamon and Weight Loss. I wanted to go into detail about the great benefits of Cinnamon and all the wonderful things it can help with. I love using Cinnamon it gives me energy, helps with weight loss and levels blood sugar levels so I don't have those really bad sugar cravings. I also use it if anyone has diarrhea. I warm up water put honey and 3 drops Cinnamon. It tastes great and does so many things at once. My husband used it to stop chewing he got toothpicks and soaked them in DoTERRA's Cinnamon Oil. He said it stopped the cravings and it was nice to have something in his mouth. There are so many great things about Cinnamon. Just make sure you wash your hands with soap and water Cinnamon it is very powerful. I get mine from DoTERRA because they are the highest quality of Essential Oils out there and are completely pure.

If you would like to purchase DoTERRA's Cinnamon Essential Oil *CLICK HERE* I get my information form the book Modern Essentials a must have book with DoTERRA's Essential Oils.

Extraction Method: 
Steam distillation from bark

Antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, (intestinal, urinary), anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic (light) antiviral, astringent, immune stimulant, purifier, sexual stimulant, and warming. It also enhances the action and activity of other oils.

Historical Uses: 
This most ancient of spices was included in just about every prescription issued in ancient China. It was regarded as a tranquilizer, tonic, and stomachic and as being good for depression and a weak heart.

French Medicinal Uses:
Sexual stimulant, tropical infection, typhoid, vaginitis.

Other Possible Uses:
This oil may be beneficial for circulation, colds, Coughs. digestion, exhaustion, fly, infections, rheumatism, and warts. This oil fights viral and infectious diseases and testing has yet to find a virus, bacteria, or fungus that can survive in its presence.

Body System(s) Affected: 
Immune System.

Dilute 1:3 (1 drop essential oil to 3 drops carrier oil) before using topically. Apply to reflex points and directly on area of concern.

Oral Use As Dietary Supplement:      
Safe for human consumption by the FDA. Dilute one drop oil in 2 tsp. honey or in 8 oz. of beverage. May need to increase dilution even more due to this oil's potential for irritation mucus membranes. Use with caution and in greater dilution for children 6-years and over.

Safety Data: 
Repeated use can result in extreme contact sensitization. Avoid during pregnancy. Can cause extreme skin irritation. Diffuse with caution; will irritate the nasal membranes if it is inhaled directly from diffuser. Use extreme caution when diffusing Cinnamon bark because it may burn the nostrils if you put you nose directly next to the nebulizer of the diffuser.

Blends With:
All citrus oils, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary, and all spice oils.

I am not a doctor I write from my personal experiences.

Let me know how you like to use Cinnamon and what your experiences have been.


DoTERRA Essential Oil Melaleuca or (Tea Tree Oil) is used a lot in my house. For cuts and wounds I put a drop directly on the cut or wound and then put a bandaid over the wound, for earaches or ear infections I mix 1 drop each Melaleuca and Basil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and put it on the outside of the ear,  and I also put it in my Camp Wanders Healing Salve that I use on my face everyday.

 Here are some other uses for Melaleuca.

Historical Uses: 

The leaves of the Melaleuca tree (or tea tree) have been used for centuries by the aborigines to heal cuts, wounds, and skin infections. With twelve times the antiseptic power of phenol, it has some strong immune building properties. 

French Medicinal Uses:

Athlete's foot, bronchitis, colds, coughs, diarrhea, flu, periodontal (gum) disease, rash, skin healing, sore throat, sunburn, tonsillitis, vaginal thrush.

Other Possible Uses:

This oil may help acne, boils, burns, candida, cold sores, digestion, fungal infections, hysteria,  infectious diseases, inflammation, mites, shock, ticks, viral infections, warts, and wounds (promotes healing).

Body System(s) Affected: 

Immune and Respiratory Systems, Muscles and Bones, Skin.

Aromatic Influence: 

It promotes cleansing and purity.


Can be applied with no dilution when used topically. Apply to reflex points and /or directly on area of concern; diffuse.

Oral Use As Dietary Supplement:

Approved my the FDA for is as a Food Additive or Flavoring Agent. Dilute on drop oil in 1 tsp honey or in 4oz beverage. Use with caution with children.

I got this information from Modern Essentials which is a must have when using DoTERRA's Essential Oils. If you would like one *CLICK HERE*

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How do you use Melaleuca?

Ylang Ylang

To Purchase DoTERRA Essential Oils

Ylang Ylang is such a great Essential Oil. I like to make a happy blend and put Ylang Ylang as one of the main ones. And then I roll it all over my kids heart and my heart and everybody's happy :) You can also just put straight Ylang Ylang on your heart. Its really good for your skin too so I like to put in my Healing Salve and put that on my face plus it smells so good.

To Purchase

Here are some uses for Ylang Ylang Which 
I have gotten from my Modern Essentials Book 
a must have for DoTERRA's Essential Oils. 


Antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, and tonic.

Common Primary Uses: 

Aphrodisiac, Arrhythmia, Calming, Colic, Crying, Diabetes, Exhaustion, Fear, Hair Loss, High Blood Pressure, Hormonal Balance, Hyperpnea, Low Libido, Palpitations, Relaxation, Sedative, Stress, Tachycardia, Tension.

Historical Uses: 

Interestingly enough, the original wild flowers had no fragrance. Through selection and cloning, we have this unique fragrance today. Ylang Ylang has been used to cover the beds of newlywed couples on their wedding night, for skin treatments, to soothe insect bites and in hair preparations to promote thick, shiny, lustrous hair (it is also reported to help control split ends). It has been used to treat colic, constipation, indigestion, stomachaches, and to regulate the heartbeat and respiration.

Other Possible Uses: 

Ylang Ylang may help with rapid breathing, balancing equilibrium, frustration, balancing heart function, impotence, infection, intestinal problems, sex drive problems, shock, and skin problems.

Body System(s) Affected: 

Emotional Balance, Cardiovascular and Hormonal Systems.

Aromatic Influence:

It influences sexual energy and enhances relationships. It may help stimulate the adrenal glands. It is calming and relaxing and may help alleviate anger. 


Can be applied neat (with no dilution) when used topically. Apply to reflex points and/or directly on areas of concern; diffuse. It may be beneficial when applied over the thymus (to help stimulate the immune system).

Oral Use As Dietary Supplement: 

Generally recognized as safe for human consumption by the FDA. Dilute one drop in honey or in 4 oz. of beverage. 

Safety Data: 

Repeated use can possibly result in contact sensitization.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sick of a Slow Digestive System

There was a time in my life where I was under a lot of stress and my digestive system stopped working properly I had a very slow, sluggish, weak digestive system. 
So I had to becarefull with what I ate, I had a very hard time losing weight,  and I was always tired. I tried  many things, fiber drinks which work great if you actually drink it. But who wants to drink a thick, slimy drink 1/2 an hour before you eat anything especially when  it upsets your stomach. I tried cleanses, laxatives work but you have to be careful with them. But then I finally found something that works really  good, fast,  its tasteless plus it is very good for you. I found DoTERRA'S TerraZyme I take it everyday 2 times a day and I feel so good. 

To Purchase *CLICK HERE*
  •  If you are overweight or under weight
  •  suffer from diabetes
  • hypoglycemia
  • high cholesterol
  • high triglycerides
  • heart disease                     
  •  crone’s disease
  • heartburn
  • constipation
  •  acid reflux
  • chronic fatigue
  •  high blood pressure
  • Candida or fungal infections
  •  gout
  • kidney stones, or inflammation of any kind  


DōTERRA TerraZyme® Digestive Enzyme Complex is a proprietary blend of active wholefood enzymes and supporting mineral cofactors that are often deficient in cooked, processed, and preservative-laden foods. TerraZyme's powerful combination of digestive enzymes support the body's constant production of enzymes critical for healthy biochemical functions throughout the body including healthy digestion of food nutrients and cellular metabolism of nutrients to energy. TerraZyme includes a variety of whole-food enzymes that help with digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars and fiber.

Why You Should Take TerraZyme

 Supports healthy digestion and metabolism of enzyme-deficient, processed foods
Speeds conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy
•  Promotes gastrointestinal comfort and food tolerance
Supports healthy production of metabolic enzymes
•  Provides important mineral co-factors for systemic enzymatic activity

Why is TerraZyme Unique?
•  Proprietary blend of eight active whole-food enzymes
•  Patented Enzyme Assimilation System of essential whole-food mineral cofactors including 72 trace minerals
•   DoTERRA Tummy Taming Blend™ of Peppermint, Ginger, and caraway seed
•   Whole-food formula made with sodium lauryl sulfate-free HPMC vegetable capsules
•   Safe to use by everyone in the family

You should try it and let me know what you think!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picking The Best Diffuser

~Doterra Essential Oils
  Available Here~ 

Diffusers  are so nice to have when using Essential Oils. You put a few drops of your favorite Essential Oils inside and let it do all the work. They are great for cleaning the air, if anyone is sick, if you want your house to smell good, or if you want to promote health, happiness, or well being. They are so nice to have in each room especially when kids are sick.

By enabling a complete combination of natural water and botanic essential oil through the effect of supersonic wave, these products breaks up essential oil into extremely fine micro-particles and releases the active ingredients within, bringing about the natural pharmaceutical effect of aromatherapy by way of human respiratory tract and realizing excellent functionality of enhancing health calming and soothing anxiety and beautifying and moisturizing skin.
Diffusers are best used with DoTERRA Essential Oils because they are the the only Essential Oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which means they are the purest on the market and you should only use the purest.

Here are my favorite diffusers and their descriptions.

Whisper premium diffuser

This is truly a worry-free product!

Product Description:

The Whisper premium diffuser is a state-of-the-art system that uses water and ultrasonic vibration (2.5 million vibrations per second) to break essential oils into tiny microparticles, dispersing the oil in a fine mist. 
These tiny particles are more easily absorbed by the lungs for a greater therapeutic effect on the body, mind, and spirit.
The Whisper diffuser uses a revolutionary, patented technology that makes it possible to diffuse even the thickest essential oils (such as Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang) that won't work in many other diffusers. 

Watch Video Here
*Available Here*
The oil never touches the moving parts, so you never need to worry about your diffuser clogging or parts gumming up. Its flexible liner increases the life of the diffuser by preventing contact of the oils and the ultrasonic vibrating disc. 
The cup is designed for continuous contact with oils, withstanding corrosion from even your strongest oils like lemon and cinnamon.
This diffuser uses no heat, which is important because too much heat can chemically alter essential oils and lessen their therapeutic benefits.
You'll be amazed at how quiet this diffuser is! Even sitting right next to it, all you will hear is the occasional soft sound of moving water.
Unlike many other diffusers, the Whisper diffuser has no fragile glass parts to break or refill pads to purchase. 
Cleanup is a breeze! Just wipe the plastic oil cup clean or replace it when it gets dirty. (The diffuser comes with a supply of 6 oil cups; additional cups are sold separately.)

The Whisper diffuser is wonderful at conserving your expensive oils. Just 2-6 drops of oil can fill a large room with aromatic goodness for hours! The innovative two-way timer lets you continuously scent your environment, or set an intermittent cycle (such as 15 seconds on, 30 seconds off) to make your oils last for as long as 9 hours.
The diffuser has soft blue night-lights that can be turned on or off. 
Oil cup is made from highest grade PET-1 plastic, and is BPA-free.
An automatic shut-off feature activates when the water in the base reaches the minimum level, preventing damage to the internal mechanisms. 

This diffuser is the most positively reviewed diffuser by customers! It is easy to use, simple to clean, very quiet, conserves oils, can run up to 9 hours, has inexpensive replacement parts, and lasts a long time.
Size: 8" tall x 3½" wide x 3½" deep.

What is included? 
This item includes 1 diffuser, 1 timer, 5 replacement cups, and instructions. Also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
Note: The first time you use your new Whisper diffuser, fill the base and cup to the fill lines with tap water, set the timer to the "50m" setting, and let the diffuser run until it begins to produce a good quantity of mist. This will cleanse the mechanism of any oils left over from the manufacturing process. It may take up to 1 hour to complete this cleaning process.

The video below describes many of the features that set this diffuser apart from other diffusers. (We have also created 2 other videos: a user guide and frequently asked questions video. These videos can be found by clicking on the User Guide and Tips & Tricks tabs at the top of this Description box.) Please watch this video and read what makes this diffuser unique.

Additional Features:
  • Uses heat-free humidifying diffusion
  • Breaks essential oils into tiny microparticles, which are easily absorbed by the lungs enhancing their therapeutic effect
  • Diffuses thick oils
  • Very quiet diffusion
  • No fragile parts and inexpensive replacement parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Conserves oil
  • Timer with 6 settings, allowing diffusion for up to 9 hours
  • The video above describes many of the features that set this diffuser apart from other diffusers.  Please watch this video and read what makes this diffuser unique.
  • Blue LED light that can be turned on or off
  • Automatic shut-off feature when the water in the base drops below the minimum level


Aroma Ace Diffuser

 Powerful, Compact, Easy-to-Use Diffuser

Product Description

The compact Aroma-Ace is an efficient and powerful essential oil diffuser. Advanced interval timers allow complete control of how long the unit is on or off. State of the art atomizer technology is extremely effective and atomizes essential oils into a micro-fine vapor that is dispersed into the air. The Aroma-Ace is designed with a quick change atomizer system that connects directly to an essential oil bottle and the powerful aromatherapy pump. This is a product that is made in the USA.
The advanced control system allows  a variety of diffusing options:
Aroma Ace Diffuser
*Available Here*
   On time allows complete control of how much essential oil is diffused and when.
  Off time gives the option to conserve oil.
  Output Pressure controls droplet size:
     - Higher pressure means more abundance of micro-fine oil droplets less than 3 microns (the size required to penetrate deep into the olfactory system).
    - Smaller particles stay suspended in the air for long periods of time so you get more health benefits from less essential oil.
  Direction control spout to direct diffusion
 Aroma Ace Controls
Power requirements: 115VAC, 60Hz, 6 Watts
Max Pressure 5 to 6.5 PSI
Max Flow 2.5 to 3.5 l/pm
Height 5 1/2"
Width 3 3/8"
Depth 5"
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.
Box Size: 10.5" x 5" x 3.75"


Lotus Diffuser

A Beautiful High Technology Diffuser
*Available Here*

Product Description

DōTerra Lotus Diffuser -
 The Lotus diffuser uses a highly efficient real time atomization technology to effectively diffuse essential oils into the environment. The essential oils are atomized into minute ion particles and active oxygen anions, which are more easily absorbed by the human body than oils diffused by conventional diffusers. dōTERRA® is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of the Lotus diffuser to you and your family.

What Makes This Product Unique?
• Completely combines natural water and pure essential oils through ultrasonic waves without the use of heat
• Essence of the oils is not destroyed with heat
No Fire danger
• No carbon dioxide generation

Fine micro particles are diffused throughout the area

• 5 micron (very small) particles penetrate well
• Easily covers a 300 square foot room

• Beautiful design includes a soft light

• Pleasing lines of the diffuser doesn't look like a space age oddity or some type of drug paraphernalia device
• When diffusing a soft led light creates a relaxing atmosphere

• Easy to use

• Front panel rotates down to add water and oils
• Easy control allows either continuous or intermittent operation
• Automatically shuts off if water level becomes too low

Efficient use of essential oils

• 3 to 5 drops diffuses for one hour
• Use a wide variety of oils for a multitude of helps, for example:
On Guard for disinfecting
Lavender, etc for relaxing/sleeping
Breathe or Eucalyptus for breathing
Wild Orange for atmosphere


SpaVapor Advanced Wellness /The SpaVapor Ultrasonic Mister! 

*Available Here*
The ultrasonic technology creates an ultra fine mist. Our mister is BPA free and offers a convenient on/off and led light switch on the front of the unit. The unit is easy to use and simple to clean. Just add a few drops of oil into your tap or bottled water (not distilled), and turn any room into a healing, relaxing oasis within seconds. Enjoy the beautiful and tranquil led light display of 6 fading colors to further enhance your relaxation experience

Product features:

 - BPA Free.  Unit size  10.5 inches high x 4.5 wide - Dispersion area up to 350 square foot room? - Dispersion time, up to 6 hours (depending upon humidity and water).  Auto/shut off when water level gets low.  Limited warranty with 60 day exchange policy.  Enter code "SpaVapor" for your discount. THESE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR RESALE. RESALE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. FOR CLASS USE ONLY. *Limited 30 day warranty. Exchange for new SpaVapor only within 60 days of sale.


Greenair SpaVapor- New & Improved Design- BPA Free.

Setting a new standard in elegance and function, this quiet, high-output diffuser/mister will meet your aromatherapy needs for years to come. This is the only unit to diffuser oil instantly while the ultrasonic pulsating sound creates a soothing vapor mist.

Feel Healthier Instantly

SpaVapor utilizes 1.7 MHz high frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations from a ceramic disc to disperse the water and essential oil out of the vent surface, forming a fine, soothing, swirling spray.

SpaVapor creates a bound of healthy, micro fine vapors that remain suspended in the air for extended time and it is nearly silent so it can be used both at night or during the day. And since this diffuser creates negative ions with its ultrasonic action, it also works to help purify the air!

Use it anywhere
To help you relax and create a calm environment that is perfect after a long stressful day, place yourSpaVapor in a bedroom, great room, office, hotel room or a home spa area. It's excellent to keep a desirable humidity while improving air quality. 

SpaVapor features six rotating color LED lights that are controlled by the on/off switch.

For aromatherapy benefits just a few drops of dōTERRA essential oils and turn your room into a relaxing spa.

                               Which is your favorite!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Camp Wanders Healing Salve

My Mother-in Law makes a wonderful salve I love it so much I use it everyday. I love using it on my face, neck, hands, feet, legs all over my body! It is so great completely natural absolutely no chemicals, and has DoTERRA Essential Oils for healing the skin any place on the body. I got this from her blog

All Purpose Healing Salve Recipe:

1/2  Cup Coconut Oil
1/2  Cup Olive Oil
2  T. Beeswax Pastilles
20  drops doTERRA Lavender
10  drops doTERRA Lemon
10  drops doTERRA Melaleuca

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer as well as antibacterial.  Olive oil has lots of anti-oxidants, including Hydroxytyrosol as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavender soothes and heals, Lemon cleanses and disinfects while Melaleuca is antibacterial and antifungal!

Melt the coconut, olive oil and beeswax in a warm bath, stirring with a knife every few minutes until melted.

Add the essential oils. 

Stir, then pour into glass jars of your choice and let cool.

Put a paper towel over the jars while cooling and wait to cover with lids until completely cooled down.

  Use small jars so you can keep several around the house and have travel sizes handy.

Here's a list of ways that All Purpose Healing Balm has been used...with great success I might add :)

1.  Crazy good hand moisturizer!  
2.  Amazing on dry, cracked heels and crusty elbows.
3.  All round moisturizer for dry climes.  I use it as a body   moisturizer and even on my face, sparingly!
4.  Soothes and heals chapped lips or any chappy place.
5.  Soothes welts, burns and sunburn!
6.  Great for diaper rash.
7.  Keep your dogs in mind!  
8.  Antiseptic properties make it great for cuts and scrapes!
9.  Wonderful for elderly folks and their thin, fragile skin.
10. Great for scaly scalp!

Let me know how it turns out and how you are using it!