Monday, January 28, 2013


DoTERRA Essential Oil Melaleuca or (Tea Tree Oil) is used a lot in my house. For cuts and wounds I put a drop directly on the cut or wound and then put a bandaid over the wound, for earaches or ear infections I mix 1 drop each Melaleuca and Basil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and put it on the outside of the ear,  and I also put it in my Camp Wanders Healing Salve that I use on my face everyday.

 Here are some other uses for Melaleuca.

Historical Uses: 

The leaves of the Melaleuca tree (or tea tree) have been used for centuries by the aborigines to heal cuts, wounds, and skin infections. With twelve times the antiseptic power of phenol, it has some strong immune building properties. 

French Medicinal Uses:

Athlete's foot, bronchitis, colds, coughs, diarrhea, flu, periodontal (gum) disease, rash, skin healing, sore throat, sunburn, tonsillitis, vaginal thrush.

Other Possible Uses:

This oil may help acne, boils, burns, candida, cold sores, digestion, fungal infections, hysteria,  infectious diseases, inflammation, mites, shock, ticks, viral infections, warts, and wounds (promotes healing).

Body System(s) Affected: 

Immune and Respiratory Systems, Muscles and Bones, Skin.

Aromatic Influence: 

It promotes cleansing and purity.


Can be applied with no dilution when used topically. Apply to reflex points and /or directly on area of concern; diffuse.

Oral Use As Dietary Supplement:

Approved my the FDA for is as a Food Additive or Flavoring Agent. Dilute on drop oil in 1 tsp honey or in 4oz beverage. Use with caution with children.

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How do you use Melaleuca?

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